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November 11, 2019

November 11, 2019 – Connections of Hope

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Through my travels last night I was amazed at the stillness in the air. People were moving about in a dazed state of being. I could see the confusion in their eyes, the weight of the world resting heavy on their hearts, in their souls.

I feel the stirring deep within my self begin to bubble up…to the point of almost explosion. The question keeps forming… How do I connect with you? How do I make you see?

We are all connected – Connected by the thread of hope. Some of the threads are strong and hold fast, others are frayed and faded losing their grip, and I fight to keep all threads hanging on tight. I do not want to loose even one!

I wish I could come up with the words that would help eveyone understand just what it is I am feeling, just what it is I am trying to do.

I am out and about making connections with this crazy world of ours, touching base as much as I can with every one I run across. This is really nothing new for me as this is how I live my life. I feel that everyone I come across is important – has a purpose in this world, it does not matter the color of their skin, how much money they do or do not have, what religion they belong to, who their parents are, it does not matter. They have a purpose and a right to be here. I feel that I run across different people for a reason. In some cases I have something to offer them, in most they have something to offer me even if I did not realize it at the time.

I have gained and developed many good friends this way. The connections I make today are just as important to me as the ones I made yesterday.

The Foundation of Hope is just the seed of a very big idea that I have. The Foundation of Hope is something that I have been dreaming about for what seems like most of my life. Each day the Foundation of Hope shifts just a little bit to become a little more clear. The vision is there – I just need to help others see it. This I will continue to do! So if you happen across my path, and we stop what we both are doing to exchange a few words, please know when we both go back to what we were doing, part ways… that I touched you… Touched you with Hope.

I think that The Foundation of Hope will undergo a name change in the not to far future. I am thinking that the name will change from The Foundation of Hope to Connections of Hope. You see I am not trying to rule you, or tell you what to do. I am only trying to connect with you so that I can give you hope when you need it. Hope for life, Hope for the future, Hope for Survival!


November 3, 2019

November 3, 2019 – Pulling Yesterday into Today…

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I am done!

I cannot keep living this double life. I cannot keep doing and saying things that others want me to. I am so done. I am who I am, because I am me. I became this person because of my own experiences in life. I cannot live through your dreams, I have my own to pursue. Much the same as others cannot live through me. For this reason I have decided to bring my yesterday in to today. Merging the two as if one.

For whatever reasons the power has been restored to the island, and the islanders who left have started to filter back. Some have brought friends and family with them, the Island seems even busier than it did before the crisis. Perhaps they feel safe here, realizing the sanction it really is. I can only hope they will not destroy the island in the process.

We have reconnected the electricity to Jamberich, due to problems with our off the grid system, but we are working hard to figure out a way to again go off the grid, but we want it more stable and long lasting this next time. With the power we are able to get connection again through the old means, which in itself is nice as the other system had to many flaws. Again we are working to find the solution to this. The electricity is very expensive and so we are using it as sparingly as we can. Trying not to waste what is such a precious commodity. This is somewhat worrisome going into the winter season with its wind storms as the power to the Island could again go down, and if it happens again I fear they will not bring it back. The ole boy assures me if this were to happen we can again reconnect to our old system to make due until it is upgraded to work better.

With the uncertainty of the way things are in the world the family has decided to stay at Jamberich with us, not that they had much choice with their former houses now gone. However the eldest of the three little ones and the boy will be moving into Sharbri Cottage to make a little more room in Jamberich for the others. But Sharbri is only a stone’s throw away from Jamberich and on the same farm so we will not be losing any of their help in maintaining the farm. This is good as I would miss them if they were to go further away.

I am still working, and have been busy keeping the library updated – although some of the articles are written a few years back – they have mostly been updated with new and relevant information. Although I keep the review dates at 10 years ago for security reasons, the information is relevant, and can help many parents and those that care for children. With the cost of healthcare these days who can afford not to use a free resource? Besides the people that started the library are real nice and down to earth people who do not have a hidden agenda – they are just trying to help people. How often do you run into that? Give them a chance, visit the library!

I have been working on a new project of late called the Foundation of Hope – did I mention that already? I have run into so many people that are losing hope, both in this world and the one we leave behind to visit this one. I believe that this foundation is needed if we are going to move forward. Think about it for a minute, everything you do in your life, now, in the past, and in the future is built on hope. This combined with the desire to realize our dreams can go a long way in what becomes of us. The foundation is not open for just a select few – it is in fact open to all who care to join. Joining does not require a commitment; you do not have to give up anything to belong. But joining will show others and confirm to yourself that you do have hope, and once you have hope you pass that hope on to others, even without realizing it. I created the Foundation of Hope, but it really belongs to everyone, for it is more than just words, it is what you want it to be. Use it to hold yourself up for a time when you need it. Use it to carry in your heart while you move forward, now and in the future. It just is what it is!

I have donated one of the bags of rice that the ole boy brought to me on our anniversary. It is not much, but hopefully it will help CVRN and her family enough to get them to the next step.

I must say I am concerned about Megs as I have not heard from them in a long time. The last contact I had was a quick message, and the message did not sound good.

So now that I have rambled on for far too long I will close now and continue on with my day. But I did want to record that it is time to bring the yesterday into today, perhaps if others do the same we will be able to make a real difference in how things are.

October 23, 2019

October 23, 2019 – The call of the eagles

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“Truddle, remember to put the old dates on the articles”

Truddle – it seems forever ago that I was known by this name, in fact it almost was! Truddle my screen name of many years ago has not been spoken by any of our group for fear it would lead back to the library. The library which we keep updated with dates of years gone by, the library which helps those that need it the most.

Yesterday was a beautiful day at Jamberich. The sun was warming and the air seemed fresh. As I was standing enjoying the moment I noticed an oak leaf float to the ground, landing alone in a patch of nearby grass. Soon another oak leaf fell, then another and another all landing close to the first leaf – before long there was a cluster of oak leaves, seemingly banding together. As I stood watching I noticed not too far away a maple leaf floated to the ground, and the same process started all over again – soon there were two piles of leaves – separated by what seemed like just a thread, but separate just the same. Each pile was different but very much alike. As I stood, pondering this thought a gust of wind happened and with a blink of an eye both piles merged into one, settling nicely together despite their differences.

It was not long after that moment that I heard the call of an eagle which was soon followed by another call of a different eagle from across the way. This captured my attention as it is not often we hear the sounds of nature so close to home. As my eyes scanned the trees and I finally spotted the first eagle and not long after the second who flew in closer. Then without a sound, or any notice to me, they both took to the sky and flew away – wings touching as if holding wings, much like us humans do with each other. I was an amazing site and one that I was happy to capture with my camera. I believe I need to talk to the animal speakers about this and ask them if what I think is true.


The connection has been holding strong of late – much thanks to the ole boy for this. There is much work to be done out there in what seems like very little time – but I will push forward doing what I can. I know it will be soon time to bring the ‘library’ into play, but the time needs to be right. I cannot take the chance that the information it holds falls into the wrong hands. I have been given permission to share the information that the library contains when I deem the time right. I have to take this privilege very seriously and not abuse the power it holds.

I have so much to write about, but the night is approaching fast and I need to get out there again – but in order to do so I must get some rest before I go. The night will be long!

October 18, 2019

October 18. 2019 – A Foundation of Hope

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As I was getting ready for my ‘travels’ last night I got to thinking about the little ones in our immediate flock. The girls are now 21 (almost 22) and 23, the boy 10 (almost 11). When did I blink for them to be this old already? Was it not just an hour ago the girls were young teenagers and the boy just a baby? Where did their childhood go?

Then when I was out and about last night I started to understand. As parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles we got so busy living life we forgot to live! Somewhere along the way we forgot what it was like to be a child.

As we fight for our future survival we have to remember that our world today is our children’s reality. They are not thinking ahead in time like we are – they are wondering why we don’t have time today!

It appears that in our rush to ensure we all have a future we have forgotten who we are fighting for! I would like to make a plea to everyone to look down. Look beside you. Look across the street. See that little person there? The big eyes and the scared look belong to them. As you continue to whisper about solutions with your partner, with your friends, coworkers, neighbors don’t forget who is listening. Don’t leave that little person in the shadows, for it is him or her you are fighting for.

As you busy yourself with your everyday tasks, are you so busy living life that you are forgetting to live? When was the last time you sat down and listened to the children in your life? What are you doing today to shape this little person so he does not repeat the same mistakes we have made over the years? Are you so full of despair and urgency that you are forgetting to teach, forgetting to love, forgetting to live?

These little people are the ones that will be taking over when our work here is done, it is them that will have to live in the world that we have created – ask yourself this, is this future world one I want the children I love to live in?

Can you put yourself on the backburner for one day in order to ensure this crazy world of ours has a chance at a real future?

I stumbled across a new group in my travels last night. It is called Future Heroes located at http://superstructgame.org/SuperstructView/342 .

If you have a child, know a child, care for and love a child I would like to challenge you to join up. Not for yourself but for the children.

We cannot even begin to build anything without a strong foundation.

Without a strong foundation anything we build will eventually crumble and fall.

Encourage the children in your life to work towards the badges offered, offer your services to this group knowing that you will be building a strong foundation – A foundation that we can build on.

A foundation that will help us survive! A foundation of hope!

October 16, 2019

October 16, 2019

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The confusion out there is massive, with people wandering around in circles – wondering where to go, what to do, who to talk to, who to avoid.  I see many questions but very few answers. During my travels I look into many dull eyes, eyes that are losing hope that there will be a future, thinking they have nothing to give, nothing to offer. This has to stop!

I need to dig deeper and connect with people who can give the answers, or at the very least offer some direction for these poor people who are giving up hope of ever understanding, without ever having the chance to share the secrets of their real life knowledge.

In my travels I have seen many who wear badges on their coats and seem only motivated to acquire more.  But what they don’t realize is these badges are useless if the only ones they have to share it with is themselves. I see others who have as many badges, but stuff the badges in their pockets, almost ashamed that they have them. These people want to be known for who they are, not because of what they carry. I have also seen many faces who are worthy of these badges, but seem to go unnoticed as people rush by in their confusion.

Personally I carry only one badge, and for now that is ok with me. I don’t need a badge to prove what I am doing is worthy. I do what I do because I want to, because it is something I believe in, because in a small way I know it is making a difference. If one day I do happen to acquire another badge, then so be it, but I will probably shrug, say thank you, and tuck the said badge in my pocket.

The weather here at Jamberich is changing. The once warm days of summer have passed, and the coolness has set in. On a couple of mornings now I have seen frost. This is worrying for me as it makes me wonder what will happen to those that are traveling, with no place to call home, no kin to call their own. I need to dig into this area deeper and see if there is more that I can do to help.

October 11, 2019

October 11, 2019

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Why do we have to have the division of borders? Are we not but one… one mankind?

Save for being able to describe where we are located in this world is there really any point in separating ourselves from others? With the division, our separation from each other seems to deepen. Oh you are from there…. sorry I cannot help you. What would happen to our world if there were no boundaries? If all rules were the same across the board, across the world.

How can we work together if we continue to allow ourselves to be separated from each other? Why is it we continue to allow ourselves to be forced into thoughts that one is better than another? Who is they… the they that have decided it was in our best interest to draw the lines in the earth – battle one person against the other simply because of where they live. Who is the they that decided we are better off this way?

How can we move forward in our goals of survival if we do not throw down the separations. How can we choose who should survive and who cannot. What gives us this right. Are we not all as of one? If the boundaries were erased from the earth could we better work together towards the one common goal – the goal of survival? Could we not all share in the honor of winning? If there were no boundaries then the person next to us would be our neighbor no matter where they came from.

How can the boundaries be broken down? Should they even be? Do you want them to be?

Note: Fellow SEHI’s your response and raves here are appreciated. Not a SEHi? Why not sign up here and let your voice be heard!
A direct link to this story on the other side.

October 10, 2019

October 10, 2019

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I think I have had a security breech here in these writings – and because of this I have locked away my connection pages. If you think that you are one of the people that should view this page, let me know who you are and why you should be allowed to see – and perhaps I will get you the information you seek. No promises though, as I feel it is important at this time to protect the connections I have. Things are heating up…

Funny how little things frustrate me to the point where I need to explain. I know I should not let them but they do. One of the biggest frustrations of late is the opinion of others on my name for the Ole boy – Ole stands for ‘Organized, Lovable, Energetic’ – this is the pet name I have given him as it describes him to the core – it is not Ole in the sense of Ole’ let’s do the hat dance’ ok there I have that out of my system now…. and can move on to the happenings of the moment.

The husband of the eldest and the boy finished the main wood collecting project… which means the old pool house is now filled to capacity with wood for the winter. We do not cut down any of our trees to use for wood, even though this would be much easier – instead we go into the forest and collect branches that have fallen or trees that have come down in windstorms. It keeps our forest growing which is important.

The eldest and the girls put forth a wonderful dinner last night, so much so that they have been voted by the flock as our main cooks. Quite an honor actually considering we cannot have any waste of supplies.

Bob the regular and his wife are still about. I was worried after Bob the regular’s wife handed me the key. I need to see if I can talk to her, perhaps it would be easier if they were to come here for the winter. Not sure if Bob the regular will go for that as he does not trust people since the ‘accident’ – choosing instead to live his life in mostly seclusion which makes it hard for his wife who is the one who seems to have to do all the work around their place. I don’t know what happened to their children or grandchildren… I don’t dare ask for fear Bob the regular will hear. One must tread lightly so as not to step on toes!

I had news late yesterday… it seems the boat has been abandoned in the bay. I need to talk to the ole boy and see if he thinks it could be useful for our missions – and if so how we could get it to work.

#1 – I need to survive and in order to be able to function in my survival I need my family to survive. I have to remember that this includes the survival of our relationships! We cannot survive alone. We need to help others survive and help them to function in their own survival so that they in turn can help others survive.

Should we invite others here to Jamberich? Would they come if invited?

October 9, 2019

October 9, 2019

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I received the most wonderful anniversary gift from the ole boy yesterday morning. Flour, sugar and rice – enough that it should last through the winter if we are careful. And a wonderful, wonderful roast. We have not had this kind of protein in a long time and I cannot wait to experience the feeling of fullness again!

However during my connection earlier in the morning yesterday I read something about rice. At that time not having any rice at Jamberich (at least to my knowledge) I skipped quickly over the article. I need to go back and find it. I think it said something about rice contamination but I am not sure, but I need to find out for sure before we use the rice the ole boy brought out. In the meantime I had the ole boy store the bags of rice in the confinement area until we are sure it is safe.

Because we have been so busy with the news of the world, and getting deeply involved in finding solutions we let our anniversary slip by without too much fuss. The ole boy and I agreed that tonight we will take a bit of a break from the connection tonight and sit down with the flock and let them know what is going on. Letting them know that they are going to have to take on many of the farm chores so that we can concentrate on our missions. I will have the eldest cook up the roast, and set the girls to help her. Between the 3 of them I am sure they will provide a wonderful celebration meal! When the evening settles the ole boy and I will take some time together to just sit and talk. Something that we have not been able to do much of with Jamberich being so full. I look forward to this time with the ole boy, and I really do have to remember my #1 rule:

#1 – I need to survive and in order to be able to function in my survival I need my family to survive. I have to remember that this includes the survival of our relationships!

I was approached by yet another group yesterday. So many need help, and it seems particularly my help – I just hope that the help I can offer will be enough!

Connections within the Connection are being formed!

October 8, 2019

October 8, 2019

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My head is dizzy trying to keep everything straight, but keep it straight I must!

1) I need to survive and in order to be able to function in my survival I need my family to survive. (I continue to work on this)

2) I cannot do this alone, so I need other people to survive as well. ( I am working to see who needs help and who can help and how to connect it all together)

3) I need to come up with some sort of organization to keep all of this straight (This is another work in progress)

4) Think – Think – Think!

October 7, 2019

October 7, 2019

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Things are bad… really, really bad.

The ole boy and I managed to tap into some clear transmissions – and because of what we heard we spend most of yesterday which was our 35th wedding anniversary deep in thought and conversation. There is no option – we have to keep connection.

I was contacted by an outside group this morning asking me to join with them, with hopes that my contacts will be able to help the cause. I don’t dare go into details about it right now – and really at this moment I don’t have many detailsthe request was made, and I accepted, we will see where it goes from here and if I will be able to offer anything or not.

This is big – bigger than I ever could have imagined! I need to spend some time thinking on where I go from here. I cannot stress enough how important the connection is – I need to talk to the ole boy and see if we can devise a way that will make it easier to maintain or increase the connection we have now. I need to spend some time alone to think this through!

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